Throughout your career, how have you handled conflict in the workplace? We will all experience it at some point and it can be a real drain on your mentality, energy and drive in at the office if not handled correctly. There can always seem like there is a cloud hanging over your desk or every time you walk by the person’s area that you are having conflict with. So what is the best way to handle it?

One of the ways that I have seen conflict resolution work is when two people can talk to each other without getting defensive or accusatory and just discuss they ways that either of them or both feel as though there is conflict. Now, as all of us are aware, this really is base case scenario, not all meetings go this way. Most meetings will turn quickly and people will take things personally and be unable to separate something going on in the office as not something “they did” instead of something that “just happened”. More often than not, conflict in the workplace comes down to miscommunication; someone said something about someone else, a task wasn’t completed and blamed on someone and the expectations of the task were never clearly communicated; therefore the lack or miscommunication is the cause of the conflict. If the people can sit and discuss this without accusing people of things and not going after someone personally, this can resolve the conflict that came mistakenly.

Most of this may be too glass half full for some people and may seem a little too simplistic. While I would agree in some cases, I still stand behind the fact that most conflict I have seen arise in the workplace is cause my something ether not said at all or said to the wrong person. There can be a case made that conflict is a true representation of wasted energy and if the issue was addressed at its’ core early, there would have been time saved.

Is there anyone in your office that you have a “conflict” with and if so, would a simple meeting, conversation help solve the conflict?

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