Over the past few blog postings, the subject of the blog has shifted a bit from Sourcing and Procurement to other topics such as being a boss and leadership. From this point on, I will be doing little bit of shuffling between sourcing and procurement and general business topics such as the previous two blog postings. There is really only so much you can say about sourcing and it begins to get repetitive and frankly, pretty boring.

That being said, the blog topic for this week is PREPARATION!

I am in the process of opening a new property (Hotel) for my company and we are currently scheduled to open on Monday July 24, 2017 (YES, SIX DAYS!!!!) and we are working at a break neck pace trying to get items in so that the kitchens can make food, groups have items for their breaks and guests can enjoy an adult beverage come Monday July 24th.  We are in the process of setting up pars, building up the store room and working with the restaurants to determine what will need to be housed for them outside of their storerooms (located in the restaurant). So what did it take to get us prepared and ready for this to happen? Simple answer, nothing goes according to plan when opening anything new, although purchasing can help and be an integral part to opening any new part of a business whether it is a branch, outlet or secondary office. The sooner purchasing is involved the smoother the opening of that space will be.

To this point, the sooner that business requirements are established for the new property, office, etc… that is when purchasing should be part of the team. I have run into numerous occasions where desks and furniture were selected based on a design for a property and then come to find out it is a 12-18 month lead time and replacements are non-existent. No matter how beautiful something is, if you can’t get a replacement quickly it will be no good and of little value for your company. This is an example of input that your purchasing team could provide as the project team can rely on as they are making their decisions for the new area.

Every new office, branch of business or property will have growing pains and their suppliers will experience those with them; this will also show your company who the suppliers are that you can actually count on and not just those that are there when your business is operating smoothly. All in all, if your company is in the process of creating a new area, whether it is an office space, outlet, branch or expansion; I suggest getting your purchasing teams involved in the process as early as you can. It will help with supplier negotiations, assurance of supply, cost, schedule of deliveries, sourcing and all the other things that seem to be forgotten when a company is caught up in the excitement of expansion.

So next time you are part of a meeting discussing plans to grow the business, get someone from the purchasing team involved. May be an integral part to make sure everything “goes according to schedule”!

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